Quick Tip Tuesday


Easy tip for today:  Clean your workspace after every project.  Even if you are doing a similar project, put everything back where it belongs at the end of one project before you begin the next.


Having everything where it should be saves time and increases productivity. You spend less time looking for something if it's in its own space rather than trying to find it among the mess you've created on your desk. A messy workspace has an emotional impact as well.  Less clutter means less stress.

This goes for your electronic files as well such as svgs, jpgs, and pngs. Designate a place for each tool and supply you use, and put everything back after each and every project.  You'll notice a difference starting from a clean workspace.

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Crafty Cards


We've got some family birthdays coming up in the next month, and they are almost all men, except for one, my granddaughter, so I went from making a masculine card to making a baby's birthday card.

I had to "ink" out her name

The baby girl this card is for is this little cutie (who just woke from a nap in this picture)!

Quite opposite cards, but basically the same supplies:

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Quick Tip Tuesday - Pins and Needles


When you are sewing, chances are you're going to drop some straight pins and/or needles at some point.  It's basically inevitable. And have you ever stepped on one? Even in shoes, it's no picnic, and barefooted, I don't even want to tell you how bad that is, and I hope you never have to find out.

An easy fix is to get a magnetic "pin cushion."  Just hover over where you may have dropped needles, and they will be pulled into the pin cushion.  It even works if you've dropped them on carpet.  It's much easier than trying to pick up each pin separately and may even pick up those pesky pins that you don't even see!  Save your feet and get a magnetic pin holder.

Christmas in August?


I attended a Christmas card craft summit last weekend which truly inspired me, so I have been crafting cards like crazy!  Watching other people craft gets my own creative juices flowing. This is the card I like best out of what I have created so far.

I love the vellum, the ink blending, the pearls, and the non-traditional colors.  Here are the materials I used to create this card



Faux pearls

Cricut Machine

Cricut metallic pen

Distress Oxide ink pad

Dye ink pad

Ink Blending Brushes

Adhesive double-sided tape runner

Cuttlebug (retired - any die cut machine should work for embossing)

Embossing Folder

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Back to School Already?


It's almost back-to-school time!  I know, I know!  But here in Texas, the summer is over halfway over.  Time for teachers to get organized and ready for another new school year.  These Teacher Paper Planner Stickers will keep you organized with all the labels you need such as Open House, Parent/Teacher Conference, Progress Report, Report Card, Faculty Meeting, Picture Day, Fire Drill, and so much more!  These stickers will liven up your planner and keep you on track.

Heading off to college or know someone who is?  Check out these University Keychains made of 100% cotton and durable metal alloy hardware.  University of Houston, University of Texas, Texas A&M, University of Michigan, and Baylor University?  If your school is not represented, send me a message and I will get you a cost estimate for a custom order with your college name and colors.

Do you know a football player?  Check out these cool player stickers!  Customized with the player's name, jersey number, and school colors, you can represent your future football star!

Need to label supplies with the days of the week?  These Rainbow-colored Day-of-the-Week labels have you covered!

If you have a little one headed off to school this fall, give them some Lunchtime Encouragement, especially for those days where things are not always as easy as they seem.  Your student will love reading these printable, positive notes during lunch time. With colorful illustrations and uplifting messages, as well as your own personal note, you can't go wrong!  Print them as needed as many times as you like.

If you have any suggestions on an item you'd like to see, please let me know!  Hope your back-to-school goes smoothly!

Quick Tip Tuesday - For Owners of Cutting Machines

Have you ever cut something with your cutting machine that came out completely torn?  Here are 3 troubleshooting strategies you can try.

First, make sure you are using quality paper or cardstock.  A paper with weight between 65 and 80 with a solid core is going to be your best bet.  Altenew has a resource with all you ever wanted to know about crafting paper.

Second, is your mat still sticky?  If not, try washing it (see previous tip on how to do this).  If it still doesn't cut neatly, you may need a new mat.  Use a brayer to adhere the paper to your mat (another previous tip).

Third, if the paper and the mat didn't solve the problem, you may need to clean your blade.  How, you ask (also a previous tip.)?  Clean it by sticking the tip of the blade into a balled up piece of foil.  You especially need to clean it after using anything with glitter on it.  If that doesn't help, try a new blade.

I hope these quick strategies will solve your torn paper problems.

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Fun Photos

 These are photos I took of the December sky in 2021.  They were taken at Watergate Marina when we were visiting our aunt.

For more photos, visit Wordless Wednesday and Image-in-ing.

Quick Tip Tuesday - For Sewing

 Sometimes starting a new sewing project may seem daunting, and it might even make you put off the entire project because it seems so overwhelming, but if you separate your project out over a few days or even a week in my case, it seems to go more smoothly.

Day 1 - I wash and iron my fabric.  (My favorite iron, and it's not expensive! And my spray starch)

Day 2 - I set aside time to study my pattern and directions as well as cutting out pattern pieces.

Day 3 - I pin my pattern pieces to my fabric. (These are my favorite pins, but I also use clips sometimes.)

Day 4 - I cut my pattern pieces out and transfer all the pattern markings to the fabric. (I use this marking pen from Dritz)

Day 5 - I sew.  If it's a multi-step process, and it usually is, I will do part of it on each day until it is completed.  For example, if I am sewing a top, I may do the bodice and sleeves one day, the bottom of the shirt another day, and the hemming on a third day. (This is the sewing machine I use.)

All that's left is the hem!

Following this routine seems to keep me motivated and feeling less overwhelmed which makes sewing more fun!

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Yes, I've been doing some Christmas crafts!


Seems a little early to do Christmas crafts, but, in my defense, Hobby Lobby has been stocking Christmas items for at least a month!  Here is a Christmas sign I made.  I actually made 2, one for me one for my daughter.

It's a painted wooden round about 14 inches in diameter.  It has a combination of iron-on vinyl and adhesive vinyl (the white  heat transfer vinyl didn't want to adhere, but the rest of the colors did). I got everything from Amazon.  Hope you like it!

Wood rounds

spray paint

Iron-on vinyl

spray sealer

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