Happy Christmas to All!

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From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!

What does a beginning sewist need?


For 3 years I have been back in the sewing game after a 30+ year hiatus, and what I haven't been able to remember on my own, I have been able to learn and relearn. So if you're thinking of taking up the hobby, go for it!

There are a few obvious essentials:

1. sewing machine

2. scissors or rotary cutter (or both)

3. needles

4. thread, bobbins, pins or clips

5. an iron

6. fabric

7. tape measure

8. self healing cutting mat

Here are a few other things that make sewing easier that might not seem so obvious.

9. Seam ripper. I make mistakes. I've had to take projects apart and start over. Even the most experienced sewists do, too. 

10. Pen with Soluble or Disappearing Ink. I need to be able to mark my fabric for patterns, hem lines, cutting, and so on.

11. Nippers. I call them that. They are little sewing scissors that are actually called thread snips. Even if your machine has an automatic thread cutter, you will need these small scissors. Your regular fabric scissors can be unwieldy when trying to cut small threads.

12. Pinking sheers. These not only help prevent fraying but are also one easy way to finish a seam.

13. Patterns. I have purchased a few, but I also find free patterns on the Internet.

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Crafty Christmas

 Welcome to my little craft blog.  I'm so excited for family to come over and see all of the fun things I've made for Christmas this year.  It's been so much fun putting things together.  One of my favorites is this "Be Merry" banner designed by Gina at Gina C Creates.

Another favorite is this gift bag with a pick closure designed by Jennifer Maker.  It is made entirely out of card stock, but it's sturdy (sturdier than many of my store-bought bags)!

Maybe next year I will design some cool Christmas items myself!  Now on to some giggles.

How about you?  With me?

But aren't they cute?

This cracked me up!

Being practical never hurts!

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Happy Christmas!

Eleven Days Till Christmas?

 Are you a procrastinator?  Don't feel bad.  There's been a number of years where I was shopping or wrapping presents on Christmas Eve.  The good thing now is that you don't have to leave your comfy couch or bed to shop anymore!  Not if you have Amazon Prime!

Standard shipping, which is free with Prime, is usually only two days, and sometimes one day, even same day! And they have almost everything!  There is something for everyone on your list from kids to teens, parents, grandparents, you name it!

For example:

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Photo Wednesday

 These are photos I took on December 8 at Vetruvian Park in Addison, Texas (a suburb of Dallas).

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Photo Wednesday

 These are photos I took at the botanical garden a couple of years ago about this time of year.

So peaceful!

I love the fog/mist floating on top of the spring.

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A little Random

 Welcome!  I hope you're doing well today!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? (That is, if you participate.)  I believe I am finished, except for a couple of gift cards I need to pick up.  It's been a long time since I was finished shopping this early!  Now if I can get my wrapping done before Christmas Eve this year, that will be an accomplishment!  Last year, I was still wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve and that was awful!

I'm attempting to do as many things "homemade" as possible. My handmade cards are ready to be mailed.

I have made some drawstring gift bags, treat boxes, candy holders, and gift tags.

  I believe I'm going to need a lot more gift tags, so I better get busy!  Christmas is at my home this year since Mom is in Memory Care very near to where I live, and she can't travel long distances, so I've also got a menu to plan.  I love Christmas!

And moving on... how about some funnies?  This one cracked me up!

And this is so true!

If only my children were still little!  LOL

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