Photo Drop

 A few cards I have made.

This set is one-of-a-kind.  There is no other exactly like it. See it in my Etsy shop!

Tags are in my Etsy Shop.

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Homemade Happiness

It's almost Halloween, then there's Thanksgiving, my favorite meal of the entire year.  But I will be hosting Christmas at my house this year, and I feel like it's never too early to prepare!  Otherwise, it sneaks up on me, and I panic!  Not this year!  I'll be ready!

Every year I like something unique under the tree in the way of wrapping.  Last year, my rectangular gifts had red wrapping and black Santa belts with silver buckles.  This year I made Santa sacks from muslin then used iron-on vinyl to decorate them. 

I can't wait to put a gift into each one.  I'm also making gift bags from Christmas fabric, and these will be in my Etsy shop in a few days as well as under my tree (when we put it up after Thanksgiving).

 I love having something unique to wrap gifts!  Do you have a certain pattern or special gift wrap you like to use?  I'd love to hear your ideas!

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Creepy or Cute

 With Halloween around the corner, I thought I'd ask, what type of decorations do you prefer?  Creepy or cute?  I definitely prefer cute. 

 I'm not big on horror movies, either.  How about you?

I've actually been crafting for Christmas (my favorite holiday).  Here is a card you will see in my Etsy shop in a few days. There will be a set of 4 with 4 different "stained glass" scenes.

How about some humor?

I LOOOOVE Harry Potter!!!!!
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Textured Geodes

 My daughter and I learned how to create the look of a textured geode on a canvas when we attended Pinners Conference in September.

This is us creating our art work.

  Now I am on a mission to duplicate what I feel like is a beautiful piece of art that will hang on my wall.  More on that next week as I make further progress.

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Have a great weekend!

Photo Drop

 Just hanging around in Cozumel!

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I've been a busy bee!

 Monday - What a productive day! I bet there are a lot of people that don't often say that, including me!  I was bit by the crafting bug, so amidst laundry, cooking, and a little cleaning, I did some sewing and paper crafting.  You really do have to get in front of all the holiday making and get it done early, unless you want to stress.

I made these adorable Santa shaker cards (4 of them).  That's the most number of any one type of card I've made for Christmas this year.  And full disclosure, it is not my design, but it was just so cute, I had to try it.

 I made this cute drawstring bag (2 of them) with the Marauder's Map on them for my Etsy shop, so if you know a Harry Potter fan (like me), they would love this!

I sewed three other plain, muslin drawstring bags that I am going to use as gift wrap.  Now all I have to do is put the design on them.  I'm thinking about using this design from Creative Fabrica:

Last night, I made some chocolate milk with sugar free Nesquik to have with my toast, and on a whim, I poured in a splash of sugar free chocolate caramel creamer.  It was heaven!

Now for some funnies...

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Handmade Halloween Happiness and More


With Halloween on my mind and a visit to see the granddaughters in a week (ages 3.5 and 1), I made some crafty time to work on some projects for them. 

First is this T-shirt.  It looks so little!  I used Cricut Metallic Mosaic to make the jack-o-lantern, and let me tell you, you have to be very meticulous when peeling because this type of iron-on has two top layers, and for my tired eyes, the second one is difficult to see.  The design came from Cricut Design Space with my Cricut Access subscription.

I also made this treat box.  The treat box is not my design.  It was designed by The Bearded Housewife, It's the perfect size for toddlers!

I'm also already working on Christmas crafts.  This year, I've decided to make some cute drawstring bags for Christmas gift wrapping.  To make enough, I have to start now. This is some dark fabric with vintage holiday ornaments on it and a green drawstring made from grosgrain ribbon.  The fabric is from JoAnn.  Here is an easy-to-follow video on YouTube in case you decide to whip up some drawstring bags.
I also made this peppermint fabric bag (also from JoAnn) with bias tape for the drawstring.

Have a happy homemade week!

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Time is Almost Up

 Prime Big Deal Days ends in less than 24 hours!  Here are some crafty deals to consider:

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Refreshed and Ready to Craft!


Hello!  I am back from vacation, feeling refreshed, and I'm ready to get my craft on!  We went on a cruise with my sister and her husband.  They have been on at least 50 cruises.  Us?  Not so much.  Five or six, I think.  I get seasick and have to wear a patch and chew Dramamine, but it works, and I was able to have fun.  Now back to reality and back to CrAfTiNg!

I feel like I've missed so much!  Did you catch Abbi Kirsten's Holiday Cricut Craftfest?  What about Justine Hovey and Laurel Beard's Stress-free Cardmaking Summit?  And Jennifer Maker just announced her Maker Academy. These ladies are some of the gurus of the paper-crafting community.  There is ALWAYS something new to learn, and I'm ready with my all-access passes!

Don't forget that this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Ladies, do your self-exam and get your mammograms on schedule.  Early detection is a life-saver!

And today and tomorrow are Big Deal Days on Amazon in case you're interested.  I'm checking out some deals on toys for the grandbabies (like this year's holiday Barbie - oh, wait, that would be for me! LOL) as well as a treat or two for myself like these new Christmas ornaments and this Echo Dot at an incredible price!  But I digress...

Can't wait to get crafty again!  I've already started some sewing projects.  Tomorrow is going to be my Cricut day, and I'll be posting more items on Etsy soon.  Btw, Etsy is doing a promotion for the next two days:  $10 off any order of $40 or more.  That's 25%!  Off everything!

Now go have a happy, crafty week!

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Big Deal Toys

 If you know me, you know I love my granddaughters, ages 1 and 3 1/2.  Obviously, Grammy and Grandpa want to spoil them this Christmas - it makes me happy- so I'm already on the look-out for toys they will love at the best prices I can find.  Since Amazon is having their "Big Deal Days" on October 10 and 11, I've been keeping an eye on the toy deals.

It's so fun having grandkids! Why didn't we do this first? (Affiliate links-if you decide to make a purchase from these links, I may receive a small compensation at no cost to you.  I only recommend products I use and like.)

Pink Ribbon Month


You may already know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but did you know that in the U.S. alone, 240,000 women and 500 men die from breast cancer each year?  Yes. Really.

My mom had breast cancer about 13 years ago, as did my Mother-in-Law (who I adored).  Both of them opted for double mastectomy surgery and went through chemo and/or radiation satisfactorily.  Thank goodness.  My sister and I both have had "scares" where we were called back for a repeat mammogram, and my sister actually had to have an ultrasound and biopsy.  Thankfully, she did not have breast cancer, but she later developed uterine cancer (another story for another time).

All this is to say that breast cancer research is an important cause that I support.  It's one reason that I make my pink ribbon keychains and lanyards and sell them on Etsy.


When I purchased the fabric, a donation was made to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  And this month, in honor of my mom and mother-in-law, I am discounting my pink ribbon items 20% for the entire month with promo code PINKRIBBON, and a portion of the remaining proceeds will be donated for research.  Feel free to share the links and the promo code with your friends and family. And remember to do your self-exam monthly and your mammogram yearly.