Cyber Monday Deals for Arts and Crafts

 What are your favorite arts and crafts?  I have so many that I love to do!  Right now is a good time to get supplies at Amazon during Cyber Monday sales!  Here are some I'm considering.

New weeding tools (for vinyl, not gardening :-)


 I actually painted a canvas today. Some new materials might be nice, and this is a deal!  

 Do you know someone who makes candles or wants to try?  

 I love to color! It relaxes me. 

 Beautiful watercolor brush pens!

 Wooden birdhouses ready to be painted! 

I want to try this diamond painting!
 This set of Arteeza canvases is a whopper deal!

 Don't let these slip out of your hands! Happy shopping!

 If you purchase from one of my links, I might get a small commission, might not. Who knows?!

Incredible Deals on Arts and Crafts on Amazon

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Cats and People

 My husband and I have had a saying in our nearly 18 years of marriage... People suck.  Because they do!  Not all of them, but when something crappy happens, it's because people suck.  Kind of a running joke.  So, I decided to make this:

I have this available in my Etsy shop as a digital download.  It can be used as clipart or add to a card, t-shirt, tea towel, or use with your Cricut.  I love it!

Make a Cute Drawstring Bag

 Drawstring bags are handy to have around the house.  You can put so many different things in a drawstring bag such as candy, office supplies, makeup, craft supplies, game pieces, pretty much anything!  You can even use them to in place of wrapping paper.  How cute is a drawstring bag under the tree?

This bag started off as 2 8x10 rectangles of fabric. 

With right sides together and using a straight stitch, sew from 2 inchs below the top all along the side, bottom, and up the other side stopping at 2 inches before the end.

Press your seams open.  Next you sew the seams on the split top of each side.  

Next, you fold down the top of each side 1/4 inch and press.  Then you fold again about one inch to make the casing.  Sew a straight stitch as close to the casing edge as you can. 

 Clip the bottom corners on an angle so when you turn it around, you can poke out the corners where they look nice.  Just be sure not to clip so close that you clip the stitches. Give it a good press.  Now it's time to add your drawstrings.  I used bias tape that I had sewn closed.  You can use a fancy tool to push the drawstring through the casing, but I have found that a safety pin words just as well.  You need two 24 inch lengths of cord or ribbon.  You will start on one side, pulling the casing through, then continue pulling the same string through the other side.  You repeat that with the second string starting on the opposite side.  You can then tie the ends together or sew them together. 

And that's all there is to it! 

  If you like it, give it a try!  Or, you could purchase a handmade drawstring bag from Etsy.

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Printable Gift Tags

New Addition to the Crafteverly shop on Etsy.

Printable and affordable holiday gift tags.  These are a simple design with "To:" "From:" and 3 small bows on each tag.  There are two pages in the pdf, one that is green, the other red. Print as many as you would like of either or both.  This is an instant download you can print at home on regular 8.5x11 paper or cardstock.  There is even a circular marker at the top of each tag that you can use to punch a hole in case you want to attch your tag with ribbon or twine.  Happy looking!

Hanging Wall Pockets


A few days ago, I was looking through Amazon trying to find something I could hang on the wall of my craft room that had pockets.  I had been using my daughter's old hanging jewelry organizer. It was working okay, but I decided to reorganize my supplies to be more efficient, and it was simply taking too much room.  As I searched Amazon and Google shopping, I realized I could make something!  So, I did.  These are the fabrics I used.

Pink print at the top as pockets, pink roses for the main front, and solid pink for the slip pocket and back.

I didn't create a pattern.  I just knew I wanted to start with 12x14 fabric, one for the front, and one for the back.  I knew I needed interfacing, so I ironed it on the wrong side of the front fabric.  I wanted four pockets, and I wanted them shaped like the bottom half of a stop sign, like this...

This would give them some shape and more room because instead of sewing it down in that shape, I scooted the sides in until they were almost vertical, pinned, and sewed.  I decided I wanted a slip pocket at the bottom.  I just ironed some interfacing in between two 12 inch wide pieces of fabric then sewed some leftover bias tape along the top edge of the pocket.

I decided to make ribbon tags to hold the woodent dowel, and I used the ribbon as a hanger as well.  When the four pockets were finished and the ribbon tags pinned.  I put the two main pieces with right sides together and sewed all the way around the rectangle except for a small space to use for turning.

After sewing and turning, I pressed my wall hanger.  Then I topstitched about 1/8 inch all around making sure to catch the open seam I had used to trim it. I love how it turned out!  All I had to do was put the dowel through the tabs then take one long piece of ribbon and tie it to both ends.  It's ready for hanging!

The exact materials are listed below.  They are affiliate links meaning if you choose to make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.  This is NOT a sponsored post.


front fabric 12x14

back fabric 12x12

4 smaller pockets with 3 inch bottom (came from the same bundle as front fabric)

slip pocket fabric (same as back) 12x4.5

Bias Tape (optional.  I already had some that matched)


Grossgrain ribbon

Wooden Dowel 12x3/8 inch

Thread that matches

Sewing Machine

Fiskars Fabric Scissors

Press Perfect Hot Ruler (This might be my favorite sewing supply.)

Pins or Clips

Iron and Irony Pad or Board

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Fabric Christmas Gift Card Holders

You can purchase one here.

I love making my gifts look pretty, especially a gift card.  This fabric holder gives the gift card a more personal touch.  It's made with 100% cotton for the main fabric and the lining.  It is reinforced with lightweight interfacing in the middle.  The gold ribbon gives it some sparkle and brings out the gold in the fabric.  I learned to make these with help from Hello Sewing.  I made a few last year and decided to make them again this year.  I hope you like them!

Secret Santa


When I was working, one of the holiday traditions I enjoyed was Secret Santa.  And I often became the person who set up the whole thing because no one else wanted to do it.  So... I have created a printable that contains everything you need to play Secret Santa.  As long as you have a person who agrees to coordinate it, that's all you'll need.  My printable even includes directions, wishlists, and party planning, and it's on Sale!  This organizer has everything you need so you won't need to create a single form! Check out my Etsy page to see it!

Key Fobs are Active


The key fobs I wrote about yesterday are now listed on Etsy if you'd like to take a look. I feel so accomplished!  Thank you for supporting me in this endeavor.

My First Post - Key Fobs


Hello!  Welcome to my new craft blog, Crafteverly!

If you know me from my personal blog, Forgetfulone, you know I love to craft!  I enjoy sewing, Cricut , wood, vinyl, paper, and so many other types of crafts, and I love creating  digital items as well.

I've finally opened an Etsy shop, but I only have two digital products uploaded so far, but I'm working on it!  Right now, I want to show you a key fob I made to support my hometown team the Astros.  You can make it using any fabric.  I just happened to have this fabric from when I worked part time at Jo Ann.

I also have to take better pictures before putting them in my shop!

This is super easy to make.  You need the following:

12x4 piece of fabric

12x4 piece of lightweight, fusible interfacing

iron and ironing board or ironing mat

any sewing machine


key fob hardware


First, you iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric.  Next fold the fabric in half longways and press.  Open it back up.  Fold one side of the fabric in toward the middle and press.  Repeat on the other side.  Now fold in half again and you should have fabric that is 12x1 with all the raw edges on the inside.

Now take it to the sewing machine and sew a 1/8" straight stitch all the down the open side to close it up.  Then sew a 1/8" straight stitch down the other side so they match.  Now fold in half bringing the two ends with raw edges together.  Baste the key fob in place where the two ends meet.

The last thing to do is to use your pliers to attach the hardware to the fabric making sure not to scratch the hardware.  I used pliers that were made for this purpose as they have a rubber tip on them.  Add keys, and you're good to go!

Here are some others I made:

Thank you for visiting, and visit Crafty Creators and Friendship Friday for more crafting fun.

Links for materials are affiliate links to the exact products I used.  If you choose to purchase from one of my links, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.  This is not a sponsored post.