Make a Cute Drawstring Bag

 Drawstring bags are handy to have around the house.  You can put so many different things in a drawstring bag such as candy, office supplies, makeup, craft supplies, game pieces, pretty much anything!  You can even use them to in place of wrapping paper.  How cute is a drawstring bag under the tree?

This bag started off as 2 8x10 rectangles of fabric. 

With right sides together and using a straight stitch, sew from 2 inchs below the top all along the side, bottom, and up the other side stopping at 2 inches before the end.

Press your seams open.  Next you sew the seams on the split top of each side.  

Next, you fold down the top of each side 1/4 inch and press.  Then you fold again about one inch to make the casing.  Sew a straight stitch as close to the casing edge as you can. 

 Clip the bottom corners on an angle so when you turn it around, you can poke out the corners where they look nice.  Just be sure not to clip so close that you clip the stitches. Give it a good press.  Now it's time to add your drawstrings.  I used bias tape that I had sewn closed.  You can use a fancy tool to push the drawstring through the casing, but I have found that a safety pin words just as well.  You need two 24 inch lengths of cord or ribbon.  You will start on one side, pulling the casing through, then continue pulling the same string through the other side.  You repeat that with the second string starting on the opposite side.  You can then tie the ends together or sew them together. 

And that's all there is to it! 

  If you like it, give it a try!  Or, you could purchase a handmade drawstring bag from Etsy.

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