Random Happy Tuesday Thoughts

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The grandbabies (7 months and 3 years) and their parents have been visiting with us for a few days!  I think as we get older, we forget just how hard it is to have children, but we did get a  taste of it as a reminder.  We babysat (babysitted?) for a few hours one night so they could go to dinner, and it was hard!  But we sure do love those little girls!

I made them each a dress.  I don't know if they fit, but it was good to go back to a pattern I had used 2 years ago and to see how my skills have changed since then.  Here are the dresses:

Click to Enlarge

This dress was supposed to have five buttons in the back, but I thought snaps would be easier.  Well, I was wrong.  They were so difficult to sew on and to match up!  It might have been harder for me, but I think the snaps will help them because, once sewn on, a snap is easier than a button.

How about some giggles?

This would be the perfect meme if it said "Hobby Lobby" instead of Michael's.  Not that I don't love Michael's.  I do, but Hobby Lobby is much bigger around here.  I could spend hours in there!  

And just a few more:

That's all for today!

Crafting Brands I Like


When I am making crafts, there are certain brands that I like...

  • Pops of Color from Scrapbook.com.    There are similar products elsewhere, but Pops of Color are sold exclusively at Scrapbook.com, and they do just that... add an enamel pop of color like the dots on this card.

  • Soft Minky fabric (also from JoAnn Fabrics).  There is not much that is softer thank this fabric, and it comes with "dots" or plain.

  • MFDSJ Key Fob Hardware sold at Amazon.  This hardware is very sturdy and a good quality product.

  • The Team Shop, also at JoAnn Fabrics.  If they don't have your professional football, baseball, basketball (etc.) team in stock at your local store, chances are you can get it online.

  • Picture frames from Michaels.  They have a great selection in  several different prices ranges, and in my experience, they are made well.

  • Digital Art from Creative Fabrica. They literally have millions of graphics, fonts, and designs, including pages and pages of freebies!

  • Menkey earring hardware that is sold on Amazon.  I prefer the Sterling Silver hardware that comes with silicone backs.

  • Fonts to use in graphics (in addition to Creative Fabrica) from So Fontsy.  Silly name, but a huge selection of fonts to use in your crafting.

  • I prefer to get my cash back from Rakuten.  Most of the shops I've mentioned, obviously not Amazon, but the other retail shops both online and brick and mortar offer cash back when you use the Rakuten app which costs absolutely nothing.  I buy the same products I will normally buy, but now I get cash back for it.  It adds up, too.  I got my biggest check last year in February.  It was over $100, and seriously, I bought nothing extra to get it, and it cost me nothing to sign up.  In fact, they give you a sign-up bonus after you make a purchase or two.  I still don't understand why people don't use it! 
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Happy Tuesday and Random Tuesday Thoughts


Hello!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.  I certainly did!  Fantastic!  Got to see three of the kids and got spoiled with a gift card, flowers, plants, cookies, and lunch.  I couldn't ask for anything more!

Father's Day is always more difficult for me because my dad passed suddenly - with no warning except a headache - in October 2004.  Even though it's been quite a while, it still isn't easy.  But I'm still going to get some things put in the Etsy shop for dads.

I've been making cards for my friend and my mom lately.  This one was for my friend's daughter (who I taught when she was a sixth grader).  She graduated from Texas A&M last week.  The plastic thing on the bottom is to hold rolled up money.  

This next one was my mom's Mother's Day card.  

I've also got some birthday cards in my Etsy shop that I think are really cute!

Etsy Shop
In the next day or so, I will be adding another set of cards as well as a card kit.  I'm excited about this!

Before I go...

And speaking of dads...

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It's Random and Happy

 It's random and happy, so here goes! Cats!  Random topic. Cats are a happy thing!  I know not all people agree, but I love cats!  Look at this adorable cartoon cat!

Creative Fabrica, Designed by Skaw0414

This is one of 4 cats in a file I downloaded yesterday from Creative Fabrica.  I can make it into a sticker, but I'm thinking of other things I could do such as make it into an embroidery file, use it as clip art, or put in on paper crafts such as scrapbooks and cards.  Maybe you'll see this in my Etsy shop soon.

Did you know that cats can sense when their owner is depressed?  They respond by rubbing against them more, likely to try to cheer them up.  Just the act of petting a cat releases oxytocin, the so-called cuddle chemical, in your brain.  Cats get a bad rap, but it's not necessarily deserved.  Who could resist this feline?

She loves burrowing under (clean) clothes in the hamper or under the covers.  Now, I'm off to Creative Fabrica to find some more cat images to use in my crafting!  But first...

And one more you won't be able to resist!

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Shabby Chic Card Set

Card Set avaible in Etsy!

Feminine Shabby Chic design with a variety of extra details

4 Cards:  2 Birthday Cards, 1 Thinking of You, 1 Thank You

$9.79 including FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the U.S.

Scrapbooking Tools I Can't Live Without


Aside from paper and photos, there a so many tools that people use when scrapbooking.  Here are the top tools that I can't live without.

1.  A good tape runner - I swear I use more of this than anything!

2. Sharp scissors - Creative Memories and Fiskars are my go-to craft suppliers.

3. Paper trimmer - This is the one I have.

4. Quality Photos, of course!

5.  Ruler - any ruler will do.

6. Reverse Tweezers  These are great when you need to pick up someting small.

7.  Corner rounder for photos.

8.  Embellishments such as bows, flowers, ribbon, buttons, stickers, die cuts, brads, bling.

9.  Cute paper that is also high quality and won't tear in my cutting machine.

10. Quick Stick by We R Memory Keepers. This really helps when you need to place small items in a very specific place.

11.  Cricut Machine (doesn't really matter which one, but the Joy has fewer features and only does small projects.)

12. Xyron machine (for making any cut item into a sticker without a printer)

13.  Computer to connect with Cricut for cute images and titles.  And sometimes I want to type out my journal box and print it instead of handwriting. Any computer will do.

I could probably go on, but these are the basics.

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Crafting is my Happy Place!

 I've been doing several types of crafting recently, and it truly makes me happy.  It doesn't matter what I'm creating or making, but what does matter is that I AM creating and making. It's my happy place!

I want to make this style of shirt for myself (the polka-dotted shirt, view A on the right). 

I almost never make things for myself!  I'm sure that's common among crafters.  It says, "Easy to Sew," but I'm not counting on that.  I know the sleeves will be a challenge, but as soon as my new fabric comes in, I'm going to give it a shot!

I purchased a UV Resin kit recently.  I don't have the techniques perfected yet, but I'm definitely practicing.  I am trying to "dome" keyrings and use molds for earrings and necklaces.  It's so much fun!

One thing I have become pretty good at is cutting faux leather and making earrings.  Here are some of them.

White textured faux leather with solid white backing

Stars and Stripes!  Memorial Day is coming soon and July 4 isn't that far off!

It's so much fun!  My first love is scrapbooking, though I haven't spent much time with that.  However, I did make a few cards, and that's almost like a mini scrapbook page.

Set of 3 birthday cards with metallic balloons

I'm planning my next batch of cards right now. I'll post when completed.  Thanks for hanging around with me today!  Here's a few funnies before you go...

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