Cyber Monday Deals for Arts and Crafts

 What are your favorite arts and crafts?  I have so many that I love to do!  Right now is a good time to get supplies at Amazon during Cyber Monday sales!  Here are some I'm considering.

New weeding tools (for vinyl, not gardening :-)


 I actually painted a canvas today. Some new materials might be nice, and this is a deal!  

 Do you know someone who makes candles or wants to try?  

 I love to color! It relaxes me. 

 Beautiful watercolor brush pens!

 Wooden birdhouses ready to be painted! 

I want to try this diamond painting!
 This set of Arteeza canvases is a whopper deal!

 Don't let these slip out of your hands! Happy shopping!

 If you purchase from one of my links, I might get a small commission, might not. Who knows?!

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