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 Welcome!  I hope you're doing well today!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? (That is, if you participate.)  I believe I am finished, except for a couple of gift cards I need to pick up.  It's been a long time since I was finished shopping this early!  Now if I can get my wrapping done before Christmas Eve this year, that will be an accomplishment!  Last year, I was still wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve and that was awful!

I'm attempting to do as many things "homemade" as possible. My handmade cards are ready to be mailed.

I have made some drawstring gift bags, treat boxes, candy holders, and gift tags.

  I believe I'm going to need a lot more gift tags, so I better get busy!  Christmas is at my home this year since Mom is in Memory Care very near to where I live, and she can't travel long distances, so I've also got a menu to plan.  I love Christmas!

And moving on... how about some funnies?  This one cracked me up!

And this is so true!

If only my children were still little!  LOL

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