Quick Tip Tuesday - For Sewing

 Sometimes starting a new sewing project may seem daunting, and it might even make you put off the entire project because it seems so overwhelming, but if you separate your project out over a few days or even a week in my case, it seems to go more smoothly.

Day 1 - I wash and iron my fabric.  (My favorite iron, and it's not expensive! And my spray starch)

Day 2 - I set aside time to study my pattern and directions as well as cutting out pattern pieces.

Day 3 - I pin my pattern pieces to my fabric. (These are my favorite pins, but I also use clips sometimes.)

Day 4 - I cut my pattern pieces out and transfer all the pattern markings to the fabric. (I use this marking pen from Dritz)

Day 5 - I sew.  If it's a multi-step process, and it usually is, I will do part of it on each day until it is completed.  For example, if I am sewing a top, I may do the bodice and sleeves one day, the bottom of the shirt another day, and the hemming on a third day. (This is the sewing machine I use.)

All that's left is the hem!

Following this routine seems to keep me motivated and feeling less overwhelmed which makes sewing more fun!

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