Quick Tip Tuesday

 Today's tip is for Cricut owners.

You know how you hate when you don't get a clean cut?  Many times it is because your mat isn't sticky enough.  You may not be able to notice with the naked eye, but your mat is moving a little every time the machine moves, and you're left with a wacky cut.

Instead of throwing your mat away, try washing it first.

Use warm water and a small amount of liquid hand soap.

You can wash any type of mat:  Fabric grip, light grip, standard, even non-Cricut brands (although I believe Cricut makes a superior product.  More on that another day.)

Give it a gentle, yet thorough, washing, removing all debris.

Let your mat(s) air dry.  I set mine on the side of the tub for a couple of days to make sure the front and back were completely dry.

After washing your mats, they should be good for more cuts!  A clean mat might be your new best Cricut friend!

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