Quick Tip Tuesday - Craft storage


As crafters, we use so many different products, and usually, we like to keep them at our fingertips.  One thing I use that I absolutely love is a peg board.  I use it for rolls of foam tape, Scotch tape, ribbon, lace, bling, rulers, pens, paper towels, Cricut tools, embellishments and flowers (which I have color-coded).  

This has helped me solve a lot of issues.  I also think that how we organize our products evolves over time, because right now, I may want my cardstock in vertical storage, but later, I may decide drawers would work better.  Either way, my pegboard is here to stay.  It's the best organization tool I have ever used.

Here are the products I used:
Pegboard panels, set of 2, each is 24x24

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