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 I have been having so much crafting fun this week!  I've been working on some paper projects for my twins' upcoming birthday.  These aren't my designs, so I won't include them in my Etsy shop, but I thoroughly enjoyed creating them.  I will link the designers below this post so you can get the files, too.  They are FREE! (You may have to sign up for a newsletter, but otherwise, no cost except your own materials.)

Paper purse - It is actually a purse with an outside pocket and an inside pocket and a Velcro closure.

This is the front

This is the back

Paper wallet that I will be using as a gift card holder.  It also has a Velcro closure.

This fisherman's bucket hat can actually be used as a gift "bag."  

Surprise!  The top comes off.  Isn't that clever?

I can't wait to fill them with gifts and give them to my kids.

And if you need a last-minute, inexpensive, printable greeting card for Father's Day, here are two options:


Printable cards are great!  Print, fold, crease, done!  Have a great weekend!

Paper purse and wallet can be found at Design 393.
Paper bucket hat can be found at
Visit Crafty Creators for more inspiration!

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