Quick Tip Tuesday - for People who Want to Learn to use Vinyl, specifically Heat Transfer


You've learned how to use adhesive vinyl, perhaps starting with the removable kind.  You're ready for a step up, and you've chosen some 100% cotton tee shirts, a baby onsie, or even a tote bag, and you want words or a design to go on them. After you prewash, you need to decide what medium you will choose.

There are so many styles and brands of vinyl out there.  Choose smooth HTV/iron on vinyl from Cricut, Siser EasyWeed, or Oracal.  These are reputable companies in the industry that have the most success in beginning crafts(and the ones I've had the most luck with).

As you may have noticed, there is a wide variety of HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) or Iron-on vinyl.  There's glitter, flocked, holographic, matte, glossy, patterned, glow-in-the-dark, and more!

 As a beginner, my tip is to use standard, SMOOTH glossy HTV (or IRON ON, same thing) on your beginning projects.  Once you've mastered that, it will be easy to start using the other types of vinyls.

Don't forget to mirror! And use the Cricut Heat Guide.  Have fun!

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