Quick Tip Tuesday - for scrapbookers

 I love scrapbooking!  In fact, I'm leaving for a scrapbook retreat tomorrow with my sister.  We have been doing once or twice a year scrapbook trips that started the year our father passed away, so for the last almost 20 years.

My tip today is for beginners.

The first thing you need to do when you start your journey into scrapbooking is decide on a size of album because that will influence the decisions you make when selecting layouts, embellishments, and photos. Read on if you need information about the different sizes available.

I chose the most common size (here in the US) which is 12 by 12 inches.  This gives you plenty of room to create lovely layouts with multiple photos on a page.

Next is 8.5 by 11 inch, standard notebook paper size (here is the US).  You still have a decent amount of room for your layout, but it is slightly more portable.

Some scrapbookers choose 8 by 8 inches.  There is space for approximately one photo per page unless you trim your photos to smaller sizes, and it's also a fairly common size.

Last, you could choose 6 by 6 inches.  If you prefer to do smaller, quicker layouts, this is the size for you.

The size you select is completely up to you, but choose one to stick with, at least for a while, rather than purchasing supplies in multiple sizes. Base your size on the amount of content you want for each page as well as your personal style.  Happy scrapping!

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