Quick Tip Tuesday - For Sewing


Today's tip is about a very small tool that is extremely useful when sewing.  A seam ripper!  Face it, everyone is going to make mistakes, even professionals, and when you do, using the seam ripper let's you go back however many steps you need to go back to get to the place where you made the mistake.  It has saved my projects many times over.

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Just be careful and don't cut yourself on the blade in between the point and the neck where the J shape is.  I never understood until recently that there is an actual blade there.  The seam ripper is your friend, but don't let it hurt you.

I tend to lose them easily, so a two-pack is always a good idea. One small, one large.


 One with an ergonomic grip for people who have arthritis like me. Seam ripping can be tedious.  

 This is a handy kit with several seam rippers and two types of scissors. I have small nippers like the ones in this kit, and I love them!

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