Heeeeeeere's Tuesday!

 Do you remember Johnny Carson?  They just don't make late night hosts like that anymore!

Well... hello.  Thanks for stopping by.  I want to share a photo that popped up on my Facebook feed today that has my right brain working overtime.  What inspiration am I receiving from this photo?

Drachenburg Castle
The colors, the style, the spires, and just knowing that Drachenburg means dragon gives it an even more mysterious aesthetic.  Here's another photo

This castle, the dragon castle, has a storied history that you can read about here,  And the fact that Drachenburg means dragon makes my 10th grade self kinda happy.  You see, I had a math teacher that year whose name was Drachenburg.  If I had known then that it meant dragon, bad things probably would have happened because we did not like each other!  She later went on to become an assistant principal, but luckily, I was gone by then.  She was definitely a dragon!

So I love that first photo so much, with the storm rolling in from beyond and the tall trees on the left side of the castle that remind me of dragons.  I just love that photo!

While I let that steep in my brain, I will show you a few cards I made recently.

I wish I could sell this money card in my Etsy shop, but I can't because I borrowed one person's design and another person's idea to create this card for personal use. You roll money up and put in the plastic case then glue it down.  On the back, you can perforate the edges where the money roll is so the whole card doesn't have to be destroyed to get to it.

This set of cards includes 2 birthday, 1 hello, and 1 thanks card. These are in my Etsy shop.  I love some of the delicate features such as a bow, lattice work, faux pearls, and hexagons.  They're currently on sale and have free shipping!

The last card I made was this one below which I gave to my husband for our anniversary.
I literally almost ruined it.  I wanted to make some of the pieces have some sparkle, so I got out my stickles and pops of color (Scrapbook.com). I truly almost ruined it, but I was able to save it and it was almost none the worse for wear

This is most definitely a happy Tuesday because the craft room is my happy place!  How about a few funnies before I go?

I can relate!

So much so that I don't even have a bedtime anymore!

They must have used one of those snapchat filters to make this photo.  But it's only a joke because I will NEVER do everything on my to-do-list in one day.  There just isn't any way!

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  1. Love the funnies and love the crafts. Craft rooms are happy places for many. Happy Anniversary.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  2. LOVE the cards! That money card one is genius! And such a cute anniversary card! :) When I finally get everything on my 'to-do' list done, I'm sure gonna be grinning like that ostrich! LOL!