Quick Tip Tuesday - What If?

 Last week, my city was hit by terrible thunderstorms, and the storms actually produced high winds of up to 100 miles per hour.  Part of our city was hit by a tornado.  My family is safe, (all grown and in their own homes) thankfully.  But it made me wonder what would happen if our home was hit by a tornado.  What would I do if I lost all of my scrapbooks and handmade cards? What about all my supplies?  I wouldn't know how to start over!

Therefore, today's tip is to take an inventory of the craft supplies you have (I have since begun this process, and it will take me a while).  But I thought, " What if? " If you can't make a list of every single paper or die cut you own, then at least write down what your biggest and most important items are. And take pictures of your creations, too.  Just in case.

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