To-Do for Vacation


There is a lot of planning that goes into a vacation, and my to-do list just keeps adding up. (These are not in order)

1.  Purchase some black sandals

2.  Sew a bucket hat (free pattern and directions here)

3.  Make arrangements for the cat to be taken care of

4.  Purchase another duffle bag

5.  Do some laundry

6.  Pay bills that are due during the time we will be gone

7.  Purchase travel size toiletries

8.  Pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy

9.  Get a beach bag

10. Locate the passports (should be in the lock box)

11. Make arrangements for someone to look in on mom at Memory Care while we're gone

12. Put my Etsy shop on hold for the days I will be gone.

13. Pack

It sure is nice being a retired empty-nester so I can go on vacation while school is in session.  Have a great rest-of-your-week!  And visit Thursday Thirteen for more fun!