Handmade Birthday Cards


Crafters need inspiration, and I hope you find some here today.

I can finally post the birthday cards I made for the "kids" this year.  My twins are not kids anymore.  They're both grown, responsible adults, but I love to make them cards, and today is their birthday!

For my son, I used a design from The Bearded Housewife.  It was perfect since my son loves everything outdoorsy, especially fishing.  I added an extra double layer attachment to the back so the fish raises up to open the card.  Here is the outside:

Nick's designs at The Bearded Housewife are awesome!  Check out his site linked above. I love the way this turned out.

For my daughter, I created my own design.  It involved a lot of ink and a lot of paper flowers.  I blended six colors of blue ink to make the background and used my wavy cutter to make a curved opening. I used heat embossing on the large area on the left along with a Brocade stencil from LDRS Creative. When you lift up the sentiment, there is another flower taking the place of the one attached to the sentiment and there is a birthday greeting inside.

The flower kind of covered up the "y" in birthday, but overall, I'm pleased with the result.  Should I tweak it and offer it on Etsy?

Here are some greeting cards that I made and already have available on Etsy. They have a feminine, shabby chic vibe.  Four cards and envelopes are included in the set.  Check it out here.

And if you are looking for designs and/or fonts, the best place to find them is Creative Fabrica!  They have freebies, bundles, and deals as well as an inexpensive monthly membership giving you access to everything in their library with a commercial license included!

Have a great week!

Love, Crafteverly

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