Easter Crafts

 I've been planning a butterfly or Easter egg wreath for a while, and since Easter is coming up quickly, I decided to combine the two into one wreath.  

The butterflies are made of layered cardstock.  The eggs are just plain, plastic Easter Eggs.  I attached a bow at the bottom made out of ribbon and the bow at the top is made of tulle. (pipe cleaner for the hanger.)

I actually burned the heck out of my hand while making this.  Yes, I was wearing my silicone finger protectors, but the glue gun dripped when I moved it, and a big blob of glue fell on my hand.  It was painful.  That's what I get for using a high-temp glue gun I guess.

This is a card I made one of our daughters (and her husband).

Sorry for the shadow in the picture.  I like a lot of things about this card such as the simplicity of it, the shimmer in the oval, the pops of color in the corners, but most of all, the bunny's cottontail. 

I want to show you my husband's card, but he sometimes reads my blog, and I want him to see it first.  I'd love to see what crafting you're working on!

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