Coloring and Card-Making

 I love to color.  During the pandemic shut down, I was looking for more to do at home, and I realized how much I enjoy coloring.  It's a creative yet relaxing hobby.  I also love to make cards.  So... I recently decided to merge these two favorites.

Thus was born the Coloring Card Kit.  I have only come up with two designs so far, one with balloons and one with flowers, both for birthdays.  It's so fun to color a card front and glue it to a card to give to someone special.

And since I love this so much, I have created some kits to sell on Etsy.  It's always a good idea to have some birthday cards on hand when the need arises, and who can resist a handmade card?  These are fun for kids and adults alike.  I like buying kits, so I hope other people will, too. Thanks for visiting!

(Sharing on Friendship Friday)

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